Piñero Fernández Jose Manuel

Jose Manuel Piñero Fernández

3d animator & rigger

Name:Piñero Fernández Jose Manuel
Date of birth:13/10/1983
Phone:(+34) 622 184 183


Hello world!

Hi! My name is Jose Manuel Piñero.
Welcome to my website where you will watch my career and some of my personal or professional work. Since 2009 I have worked in different parts of the production animation and I specialized in Character animation. After study High School of Arts and some other arts courses like web design or generalist CGI, I join in the animation school Animum3d where I learn the fundamentals of character animation, and after hard work I’ve been involved in videogamer projects, TV show and shortfilms in which I played the role of character animator or rigger. My goal at the moment is to join a big studio as an animator and hopefully have the opportunity to work closely with professional animators.

Hope you like it and greetings.
Jose M. Piñero

Work Experience

  • Character animator and rigger in Sunflower Graphics (November 2011 – today).
         - “Planet Play” TV show.
         - “Planet Play” Videogame.
  • Character animator freelance in Nuevas Tecnologías A Formarte S.L (February 2014 – March 2014).
  • Character rigger freelance in Keytoon animation studio (June 2012).
  • Character animator, rigger and teacher in 3deologic animation studio (February 2011 – November 2011).
  • Character rigger in “El regalo de blanca” shortfilm (August 2010 – Noviembre 2010).
  • Freelance animator (January 2009 – Agosto 2010).

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Phone(+34) 622 184 183

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